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10 Biggest Bulls in the World

They’ve got temperament they’ve got horns and they’re massive often one and a half times the weight of their female
counterparts bulls pack on both serious and muscle but just how big and strong.
you stick through to number one to meet the largest bull in existence today let’s get started.

Number Ten

Brahmin looking like a cross between a camel and a cow the Brahmin bull is a hump-backed cattle from India that was exported to the united states where cattle breeders bred these guys between1854 and 1926 brought men cows weighed between 1 000 and 1400 pounds but it’s the massive bulls that can weigh anywhere from an impressive sixteen hundred to twenty-two hundred pounds Brahmins have a humped back long drooping ears and loose skin and just like camels they can store both food and water in their weird-looking neck humps for weeks at a time that’s why farmers and ranchers in the southeastern u.s and the gulf states like to raise Brahmin cattle because they can stay in the heat and insects don’t bother them much.

Number Nine

cb bonari moving up a weight class we’ve got the Pakistani cb bonari yet another humpback bull breed that can grow up to 84 inches in air and weigh up to an insane 3 500 pounds these bulls easily surpass the Brahmins by an additional 1000 pounds and although they have a moderate hump they have far stronger necks horns and far wider chest its name is derived from the town of the bog which is found to the south of Seabee and Nari and Pakistan which is a river that flows through their breeding area each year the giant cattle are shown at the CB mela an annual cultural event in the area it is still being debated whether the Seabee is the biggest cattle breed in the world bulls of this breed have been known to compete with the mighty Chianina which is another massive breed we’ll be looking at in just a moment.

Number Eight

belgian blue and in comes the Belgian blue while not the heaviest bulls on today’s list they are without a doubt the most muscular you’d think farmers are pumping their cattle with steroids but in reality, the Belgian blue cattle develop freakishly huge muscles due to a naturally occurring gene mutation called double muscling as you can see these bodybuilder bulls have got well-defined backs and loins with strong looking legs and while not particularly huge all that heavy muscle can make bulls reach a weight of up to 2750 pounds believe it or not the females are subject to the same genetic conditions often leading to difficulties during pregnancy with calves often being delivered via c-section and even after the birth the calves often suffer from further defects such as in large tongues which makes it difficult for them to feed on their mother nonetheless the breed continues to thrive and grace us with its massive existence.

Number Seven

giannina the Italian Chianina is the heaviest and tallest cattle breed in the world and therefore has some of the heaviest bulls as well originating in Tuscany males of this breed have reached heights of six foot five and weighed in well over a massive 3 700 pounds which is just about the same weight as an adult male hippo they’re also one of the oldest and toughest cattle breeds in the world having been used as draft and beef cattle for several centuries Chianina bulls have tough skin that is resistant to parasites and can easily adapt to warmer climates as well actually works.

Number Six

german Angus this german cattle breed makes for some pretty big bulls as well german Angus females may only reach an average of 1500 pounds but it’s the mighty male bulls that can often weigh twice as much the breed was developed in the 1950s when the Aberdeen Angus cattle were selectively crossed with different cow breeds native to Germany the goal was to obtain a larger sized breed with good temperament and no horns so that they could be used to produce beef with lower fat content.

Number Five

parthenaise this massive cattle breed originated in the doc Severus region and is said to be one of the oldest cow breeds in France the cows provide high-quality milk used for several of those well-known french dairy products and were also used for drought work for their strength they can also be used for beef production due to their high quality meat which is very low in cholesterol the bulls of this breed are among some of the biggest in the world with mature bulls averaging around 2 600 pounds.

Number Four

Indonesian cemental if you know a thing or two about cows you’ll know the cemental is actually a swiss breed of dual-purpose cattle it’s raised for both milk and meat and has that reddish-white color we typically associate with cows these guys are named after the valley of the sim river in Byrne Switzerland it can be both horned or pulled these cattle have a large frame and decent muscling with bulls often reaching as tall as 5 foot 2 and weighing as much as 3 000 pounds while they’re not the biggest breed in the world a few select cementals have been known to sprout to unordinary sizes like this gigantic cemental bowl found in Indonesia whether its size is due to the food or weather is unclear but this bull deserves to be on today’s list along with the other greats.

Number Three

south devon commonly referred to as gentle giants south devon cattle originated in the UK and are the largest cattle breed in the country bulls of this breed achieve a weight of 3 500 pounds on average but the largest recorded south devons have reached as high as 4 400 pounds not only are the bulls massive but they can be used for work for up to 12 years meaning they’re particularly strong and resistant this breed is known for both meat and milk production in fact females high milk production and developed maternal instinct ensures a high percentage of survival for their youth these cows are able to reproduce for 15 years straight so not only do bulls have their work cut out for them but with such longevity very few females are needed to upgrade the herd over time.

Number Two

mont’s bellyard this red white cattle breed originated in the french region of montbelliard and is used mainly on dairy farms mature cows weigh between 1 300 and 1500 pounds and stand about 57 inches tall however it’s the mature bulls that impress with an incredible weight of up to 2 600 pounds unlike the bulls of course the females produce tons of dairy a single malt billiard cow can produce more than 2 000 gallons of milk each year their milk is also particularly rich in casein type b which contributes to the increase in yield and cheese production and is found in some of the finest cheeses of french origin such as the compt rebel montior and more meanwhile the bulls are widely used for their functional characteristics and labor capabilities now time for today’s subscriber pick today’s photo was sent to us by a subscriber wondering about this massive bull being worshiped among humans if you come across a mysterious photo online and want us to look into it just send it over and we may even feature it on a future video so we looked into this mystical and for starters it’s a cow not a bull hindus are vegetarians and consider the cow to be a sacred symbol of life that should be protected and revered in the oldest of hindu scriptures the cow is associated with adidi the mother of all the gods but do cows grow to that size absolutely not by the looks of it the photo was perhaps photoshopped by a worshiper of cows who sees them as greater than they really are while don’t doubt the majesticness.

 Number One

Maine anju de prez as the name suggests these cows originated in the French Anju region on average they are the second or third largest cattle breed in the world however the largest ever recorded bull came from this exact breed weighing in at 4 300 pounds a bull named fattard is officially the heaviest bull in the world retard is in fact a main Anju and was officially weighed in by officials at the 2016 international agriculture show in paris he was only 5.5 years old at the time and has probably gained a few pounds since then the cows of this breed are famous for the fact that they can easily build muscle or be fattened depending on farmers needs originally French farmers used Maine on Jew cows if they had small land patches because they could gain a nice income from the cows as they would fatten up so easy the bulls can be quite temperamental but the cows have a great maternal instinct and because of the high quality milk they provide the calves are always thoroughly nourished which might be why they managed to grow.

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