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10 Most Beautiful Finches in the World

There are thousands of beautiful and attractive birds present on the planet every bird has its own characteristics and is unique in its own way on our channel you’ll find hundreds of unique videos related to birds in today’s video we’re going to discuss the top 10 most beautiful finches the finches of bird species consisting of four subfamilies and about 40 genera their habitats are evergreen forests mountains deserts tropical and sub-regions finches are 3 to 6 inches in length and weigh around an ounce they are very beautiful and heavenly birds and have beautifully colored bodies they are songbirds and attract people with their melodious sounds, therefore, they are often chosen to be kept as pets here are the ten most beautiful finches in the world.

Number 10

the chestnut muniya the chestnut muniya is a graceful bird that is also known as the black-headed muniya it is native to China Bangladesh India Nepal Hawaii and Burma they have a blackhead a pale gray-blue bill black belly and a brick red patch on the lower back this small passerine bird lays four to seven white eggs in a dome-shaped nest an adult chestnut muniya is 11 to 12 centimeters in life these divine birds feed primarily on grains and other seeds.

Number 9

the European Goldfinch it has been introduced to other areas such including New Zealand Australia and Uruguay the European Goldfinch has a black and white head with a red face white underparts and brown upperparts the nest is made only by the female in just a week from lichens and mosses these lovely birds feed on small seeds and insects the European Goldfinch is often kept as a caged bird because of its beautiful appearance.

Number 8

the scaly breasted muniya this scaly breast ammonia is a smashing bird and it is native to Asia it has brown upperparts a stubby dark fill white underparts and dark brown head they are found in flocks of 100 birds and they communicate with each other by a short whistle the nest of the scaly breast ammonia is large dome shape it is made of blades of grass and bamboo leaves the female birds lay 4 to 10 eggs that hatch in 10 to 16 days these Stein birds feed on small berries grass seeds and small grains.

Number 7

the diamond firetail the diamond firetail is an elegant Finch bird that is endemic to Australia it is fiery red eyes built and rump as well as black wings with white spots and a blackhead these birds are aggressive and kill other small birds the lifespan of this bird is about five to seven years in wild and ten years in captivity the diamond firetail feeds on seeds ripe fruits and insects they favor woodlands farmlands and grasslands these charming birds have a low and direct flight the juveniles reach the age of maturity at around nine months of age the diamond fire tail can fly just 23 days after they are born.

Number 6

the American Goldfinch the American Goldfinch is a graceful bird that is short knotch tail in a short conical bill the male has a bright yellow and black forehead white patches both above and beneath the tail in black wings with white markings female birds are olive on top and yellow beneath with blackish wings with two pale wing bars the American Goldfinch is an active and acrobatic little finch these divine birds draw attention towards themselves by calling in flight they fly in a bouncy and undulating pattern the american goldfinch favors orchards cultivated areas backyards and roadsides.

Number 5

the common chaffinch the common chaffinch isn’t a learn bird in the Finch family the adult male has a blue gray crown a black forehead an olive green rump the female bird has a more muted appearance with gray brown head olive green lower back and rump and paler under parts the common chaffinch feeds on aphids caterpillars spiders earwigs and the larvae of beetles the female bird makes a nest in the fork of a bush or a tree several metres above the ground the average lifespan of this heavenly bird is about 12 years the common chaffinch is typically 14 to 16 centimeters in length in 20 to 24 grams in weight.

Number 4

the red-throated parrot Finch the red-throated parrot Finch is a pleasing bird that is found in New Caledonia it favors tropical or subtropical moist lowland forests and shrub habitats they have a red throat and head green plumage and red tail feathers juveniles are all green in color and get their adult plumage at the age of 9 to 12 months the red-throated parrot Finch loves water and is frequently seen playing in bird baths these lovely birds are semi nocturnal and are some of the first birds to stir in the morning its average life expectancy is 7 years.

Number 3

the medium ground Finch at number three on our list is the medium ground Finch a smashing bird that belongs to the throbbin a family it favors tropical or subtropical shrublands in tropical or subtropical dry forests the male has shorter and round wings and has a solid black body the female medium ground Finch has brown and streaky plumage this stunning bird feeds on buds flowers young leaves and occasionally on insects the female chooses her partner through song and plumage their nest holds their four eggs with dark spots that incubate in 12 days juveniles leave their nests two weeks after hatching the medium ground Finch is 11 to 12 centimeters in length and 18 to 32 grams and wait.

Number 2

the house finch the house finch is an elegant bird and belongs to the Finch family fringle a day it is native to Hawaii in western north America they have a square-tipped Brown tail streaked belly feathers impressed and a reddish neck head and shoulders the song of the house finch is a rapid cheery warble or a variety of chirps this charming bird feeds on grains berries seeds and insects the female makes its nest over a two-day period from twigs and debrief the house finch is known to consume commercially grown grains and damaged orchard fruit before we reveal.

Number 1

on our list be sure to check out our other amazing animal videos give us a like and tell us in the comments which one of these beautiful finches is your favorite and number one the Goldie and Finch the Goldie and Finch is an attractive bird from Australia and tops our list of most beautiful Finch species it is also known as gold’s finch the lady Goldie and Finch or the rainbow Finch they are brightly colored with green black red and yellow markings the females chest is light mauve in the male’s chest is purple the Goldie and Finch exists in three colors this interesting diversity is found in the colors of the finches heads golden finches have either black red or yellow heads the population of this heavenly bird has decreased during the20th century this is because these birds are susceptible to viral infections and diseases another reason for their decline is that they are hunted because of their beautiful colors which of these little birds surprised you the most.

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