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15 minutes anti-stress yoga with MadFit

The motion sequences step by step
This session is supposed to be about relaxing. Therefore, pay attention to deep breathing and execute the movements slowly and thoughtfully. Only go into the stretching as deep as it feels good for you.

1st exercise
You start cross-legged. Take three deep breaths and while inhaling, keep your arms stretched out over the sides and upwards and in front of your body with the palms of your hands together and back to the middle of your body. From the final position, lower your head forward and feel the stretch in your neck during three more deep breaths.

2nd exercise
Now stretch your left arm over your head towards the other side: The head turns with it and the face points down to the other hand.

Hold the stretch for a few seconds, then return to the center with the next deep breath. With the next deep breath, the same movement follows for the other side.

3rd exercise
Bend upper body far forward and place hands in front of the knee. Cradle the upper body slowly to and fro to the side and feel the stretch in the back.

Continue like this for eight breaths. With the last deep breath, you slowly straighten up vertebra by vertebra.

4th exercise
Now you leave the cross-legged seat and put your legs stretched out to the side. The arms imitate this movement, then the entire upper body bends over to one side along one arm.

Go only as deep into the stretch as is comfortable for you. Breathe deeply and try to deepen the stretch a little more by exhaling.

The fingertips reach down to your toes as far as you can. With the next deep breath, you come back to the center and stretch to the other side.

5. exercise
For the next exercise, pull one leg up so that the sole of the foot is comfortable against the inner thigh of the other leg.


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