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Canyon ivy wreck for many years you needed a tripod or a special stick to make a cool dynamic selfie luckily things have changed now today all you have to do is buy this unusual camera the canon ivy rack it has really tiny dimensions and fits even in your chest pocket at the same time it’s a sturdy waterproof 13-megapixel camera it shoots high-resolution video at 60 frames per second thanks to the carabiner the iv wreck can be clipped anywhere on clothing or different objects the price starts at eighty dollars.

Banana Phone

banana phone the next invention on our list is perfect for people who like to amaze everyone around them and also for those who care about animals the banana phone is a Bluetooth accessory for a smartphone its purpose is quite basic when you take a call you don’t bring the phone to your ear instead you talk through this nice bright yellow banana the battery provides 120 hours of idle time and 20 hours of talk time the banana phone can also function as a Bluetooth speaker also you can use it to give commands to the voice assistant the price of the device is forty dollars it’s noteworthy that two percent of all revenue goes to gorilla conservation in the democratic republic of the Congo.

FunKey S

funk’s if you’re a 90s kid you’ll probably find this gadget very familiar because you are looking at the famous game boy except this model is compact more perfect and technologically advanced the fun keys is the world’s smallest game console you can carry it around as a key ring even the device is compatible with over 20 popular retro games but the list is growing day by day in the past you had to buy individual game boy cartridges and then carry them around with you to play the progress made it possible to change this all games are already stored inside the fun key s so you don’t have to buy or insert anything by the way this folding design was not chosen by chance either when closed the device is very sturdy and the fragile screen is hidden and protected from damage at the same time when the screen is open the usable area of the device increases so it’s very convenient to play the last advantage of the fun key s is its ability to save progress even if the lid was accidentally closed if the battery dies or if the device is turned off the price starts at 77.


Haps box if you think you’ve seen every musical instrument there is and nothing can surprise you you’re very much mistaken because just a few months ago specialists from Hong Kong created a revolutionary brand new way to create music pap’s box was developed by a group of professional musicians and enthusiasts together they managed to create a gadget that would be interesting for both beginners and professional musicians pap’s box contains a rich collection of sounds and harmonies created by traditional music instruments so this device gives it’s own a truly unlimited possibility the manufacturer claims that haps box does not look like a Launchpad or other similar device its design is simpler more convenient and it doesn’t require serious preliminary training its price is 450 dollars.

CircuitMess STEM Box

Circuit mess stem box the developers of this curious invention raised a very very interesting question despite the fact that technologies are developing incredibly quickly today a rather limited number of people have access to learning tools and ways to develop them circuit mess stem box is here to change that it’s a project aimed at teaching the basics of new technologies and maybe the starting point for even more progressive inventors new projects become available every three months but the moments we know about the content of the first six kits the lucky owner of the stem box will be able to assemble a voice assistant a Dj mix table and an ai the self-driving car using the details from the diy box other projects include assembling a console for retro games an encrypted wireless communicator and a smartwatch the cost of one box plus a set of tools starts at 89 dollars.

Gazer Projector

gazer projector here is a tiny but technologically advanced and user-friendly projector unlike traditional devices the gazer projector doesn’t require a long and laborious installation you won’t have to screw it to the wall or the ceiling the projector has a special stand and can be easily moved from place to place also it has a 360-degree rotatable design and features 240-inch widescreen protection the battery lasts up to 5 hours and the projector supports 2k and 4k quality like the most expensive TVs the price starts at 160 dollars.

Mutrics GB-30

mutrix gb30 these glasses have a number of interesting features besides their unusual appearance, first of all, it should be noted that they were designed to meet the needs and requirements of gamers the mutrix gb30s are built-in speakers that transmit the sound and the direction it comes from with great accuracy that is why these glasses are perfect for shooters since they allow you to notice your opponents faster and shoot at them more accurately another feature is the clever positioning of the speakers the sound is transmitted directly to the player’s ears and the people around them can’t hear a thing the mutrix gb30 prevents eye fatigue to thanks to its special coating in addition manufacturers offer lenses that turn the mutrix gb30 glasses into sunglasses the minimum price is 110 dollars.


bowman the next amazing item on our list today is a desk toy it’s a tiny crossbow that uses toothpicks instead of arrows it’s made by uncommon carry bowman will not be of any practical use but it will chew you up for a while the series includes several models and their prices range from 25 to 80 some of them are even equipped with a laser sight.


fly nova now that we’re talking about desk toys it’s time to show you another curious invention fly nova is an improved version of the famous spinner fidget that some people love and others hate it’ll give its owner a lot more pleasure though because it can fly yeah it really can you can spin the flying over in your fingers but if you throw it in the air it doesn’t fall down but hovers so that you can catch it again thus the flying over is suitable for playing with friends and can be used to add some physical activity to your life catching the spinner when it’s up in the air is much harder than it looks at first sight if you try to do it without stopping it from spinning it becomes even harder you can buy the flying over for 30 dollars.


mesmo globe this is the last gadget on our list today it’s another desk toy this time it’s a kinetic toy the Mesmer globe will not fly away or rise in the air but is capable of mesmerizing you the surface of the metal ball is decorated with a long continuous spiral if you spin the toy it sets in motion and begins to hypnotize you it’s very very difficult to set your eyes off it too this effect feels even better if you look at it live and not on the screen the Mesmer glow balls have a shiny surface and a number of colors that imitate different noble metals the Mesmer globe can be a great gift or a great accessory to decorate your desktop the price starts at 28 dollars hey stop being lazy it’s time to use that brain of yours welcome to brain time incredible facts from the past the present and even the future the power of nature and wild animals.

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