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many children start to dream of having their own pets from an early age usually that means wanting parrots hamsters cats and dogs but what if a child loves dinosaurs the Chinese brand wow we has the perfect solution a robotic pet that looks like a little t-rex the toy is interactive and will provide hours of fun to both children and adults the micro saw reacts to hand movements in the same way as real trained animals react to commands it can turn spin and perform some other basic commands pull the dinosaur’s tail and it will growl turn around and try to catch your hand there’s a special ball that the microstore can chase too also it can be controlled using a mobile app it’s packed with a variety of games for the toy to bring even more fun and pleasure its price is150 dollars.

Anki Cozmo

anki cosmo today’s market offers a huge variety of robotic pets however cosmo by Anki is a new generation companion robot the miniature gadget can express different emotions react to people and changes in the environment and very quickly become a friend to every member of the family the first time you meet cosmo it’ll be shy but then it will remember your face name and become friendlier cosmo will travel around the house carefully avoiding obstacles it will bark at the dog say hello to the owners and even answer simple questions with the mobile app cosmo can reproduce any phrases and sounds and show a variety of emotions on its digital face this is a perfect device for creative people the 900 animations and 2500 sounds will allow you to play endlessly but that’s not all cosmo is an educational robot it comes with a visual coding application too the child can get the robot to perform even complex commands along the way the kid will get acquainted with the basics of coding the minimum price is four hundred Dollars.


ozobot speaking of learning it is worth noting that there are other similar robots like ozobot it can easily turn an ordinary table into a platform for exciting educational games you’ll only need some paper some markers and some resourcefulness ozobot has photo sensors that allow it to follow drawn lines it also memorizes and carries out various algorithms which the child creates by means of visual programming its price starts at 99 dollars.

Robosen T9

roboson t9 the next toy we’re going to talk about today will be especially appealing to fans of transformers it’s a small robot that can turn into a car and back and uses coding for games although in this case, the process is a little different from other toys we’ve mentioned today for example with the t9 you can teach a child how to exercise properly because the robot paired with the mobile application is able to memorize the positions of its body and then repeat them independently all the operator has to do is put the robot in the desired position and then push the save button it is possible to repeat the operation up to12 times after pressing the start button the robot will playback all the safe positions one by one the c9 is able to walk do push-ups dance and perform any other commands among other things you can also control it with your voice or use a 3d coding app its price is 500.


vortex you will hardly be surprised when we say that the next robot on our list can teach kids visual programming however vortex can do much more than that and will amuse even adults of course vortex comes to the mobile app it comes with some basic games but the most interesting feature of the toy is that its open-source this means that users can create their own games if we talk about the basic games the first one is an improvised battle between two robots the second game works with motion tracking and will please young children a special sticker is attached to the robot’s body and the kid’s task is to catch the robot in ar using the tablet finally the third game is designed for mini-golf fans it’s noteworthy that the manufacturer trained vortex not to crash into objects as well as reproduce light and sound effects the minimum price is 69 dollars.

Shifu Tacto

Shifu tacto here’s an amazing toy that takes board games to a whole new level one single tactile platform from Shifu offers you four ways to play in laser mode the player has to move obstacles to divert laser beams away from the planet it is easy only at first glance because the manufacturer has provided over 50 levels the quest mode improves attention to detail logical thinking and problem-solving skills elements will introduce the child to the basics of chemistry chemical reactions molecules and structural formulas and finally the bounce mode is a classic fascinating snakes and ladders board game with tokens and dice.

Moov Mini

move mini the inventors of this tiny device experts at the company cando toys claim that it’s a new generation fidget toy which is easily comparable in popularity with the famous fidget spinner do you know why people love this kind of toys in the first place well the fact is that we unknowingly perform monotonous and repetitive movements when we’re bored or anxious the fidget toy helps in both cases so the move mini will help keep your hand’s busy help you overcome boredom and at the same time lower your body’s stress hormone levels if you give this toy to your child it will help them develop their fine motor skills and strengthen some of their arm muscles it’s noteworthy that there are scientific studies that confirm people understand information better when their hands are busy this is another advantage of fidget toys move mini is small so you can take it with you wherever you want it’s very simple to play with and intuitive and its price is ten dollars.

Baby Yoda

Baby Yoda remember last year when baby Yoda went viral of course some bran didn’t miss the opportunity to please the fans of the star wars franchise with an original toy one of them was Hasbro the small toy is an exact copy of the character from the series the Mandalorian the toy even makes the same sounds as in the show baby Yoda is able to move his head ears close and open his eyes and also use the force the child closes his eyes and sighs in a distinctive fashion however it also makes him tired but that’s not a problem when he put the creature on his back he falls asleep and restores his energy reserves baby Yoda is suitable for children over four years old and it costs 60 dollars.

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