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Ingenious Home Security Ideas

Phone Jack Secret Compartment

the secret outlet we all like to know that our personal objects especially our money small valuables and documents are all safe in most houses you can find several places to store important little things but none of them come close to this solution in terms of reliability and security it is a tiny safe hidden in the wall behind a regular outlet we’re pretty sure that there’s no way an intruder would guess that it’s actually a safe though a large number of specialized companies such as arcas olleh from Spain manufacture these safes however if you have the right skills and tools you can build one all by yourself, in this case, there’s only one compartment but usually, that’s way more than enough the telephone jack is secured to the wall and you can open it with a little swiss army knife.

Yobi B3 Doorbell

the yobi b3 doorbell the next invention on our list will not keep your jewelry or your documents safe but it will still take home safety to a new level meet the yobe b3 doorbell from the American company ibabylabs this smart device transmits a 1080p image to the owner’s smartphone in real-time the camera has a 180 degree viewing angle night vision mode and is equipped with a tiny speaker and a motion detector the owner of the yobe b3 always knows if someone is on their doorstep even if the user is in a completely different location they will be notified also the companion app allows you to communicate with the person standing at the entrance an additional advantage is the quick easy installation the price starts at 150 dollars.


switch it the Canadian company Swidget wanted to create an easy-to-use device that would combine as many useful features as possible all in order to free people from having to clutter up the apartment with a lot of equipment the result is this outlet it can be installed instead in any standard outlet and connected to your home’s existing wiring once installed it performs different tasks to improve the safety of your house the upper and lower parts perform their usual tasks but in the middle there is a plug-in module which can have different functions it can be a hidden camera a speaker a surveillance camera an aromatherapy module a motion sensor a guide light a temperature and humidity monitor and even a carbon monoxide detector and of course you can charge other gadgets if you install a USB port inside the device is controlled through the app or using the smart home system an outlet with a USB module cost about thirty dollars other modules are bought separately and their price varies from eleven to fifty dollars.


smoke net, unfortunately, the security of their personal objects is not modern people’s only problem cybersecurity is also a very important issue, fortunately, there are devices aimed to help you feel safe to meet smoke net this is a tiny box that connects to your home’s wi-fi it encrypts data and also constantly changes the network location creating something like a digital smokescreen hence the name smoker net will protect you against cyber-attacks because it uses the same encryption method that the government uses to transfer sensitive information and this is the first time that this level of security has been offered to the public.

Kwikset Halo

Kwikset Halo when we are in a rush we often have problems finding our keys that’s why many people think that there should be a better way to enter and leave the house turns out it already exists this is the halo door lock from the American brand Kwikset the first advantage is there are no wires at all the device only needs wi-fi to work the second is that you won’t need a key to open the door anymore just use the app on your smartphone unlike keys a phone is harder to lose and is always at hand halo allows you to close and open the door remotely and stop worrying about your keys all the time you’ll no longer be nervous wondering if you’ve left the door unlocked because you can check the door status in the app halo also keeps a history of all door actions and supports up to 250 users all with individual settings, in addition, there’s a special function for really forgetful people the door locks independently after a certain period of time the price is about 130 dollars.

Garage Border Control

garage border control since we’re talking about forgetful people we’d like to mention another useful device as you can guess from the name it’s designed to increase the level of security in the garage the device continuously monitors the door and commands the garage door to close if it’s been opened for too long you can also set the time after which the garage door will be closed remarkably the system is absolutely safe it’s equipped with infrared sensors as well as pressure sensors the controller won’t close the door if there’s a movement under it either and even if the mechanism is started the door will stop immediately after hitting an obstacle in any case before closing the door the device emits a warning sound you can buy this device for thirty dollars.

Inirv React

Inirv React negligence in the kitchen can easily lead to serious and even fatal consequences that’s why a nerve specialist created this tiny but very helpful device called a nerve reacts the sensor unit is installed in the ceiling while the smart knobs are installed in the stove no matter what model you have after that they continuously monitor the situation around them and react before it’s too late the unique combination of smart sensors and electronics makes it possible to significantly improve the safety of your kitchen if the system detects smoke or gas in the air it switches off the stove instantly this is a useful feature for those who often put food on the stove and then get distracted and busy with something else an additional advantage are the motion detectors thanks to them the nerve react can turn off the stove if no one is near for too long the price starts at 230 dollars.


illumi safe the last invention we’ll talk about today is another device to hide different objects specialists from the American company odon inc have developed a table lamp with hidden compartments for valuable items it’s available in two sizes large and small the inside layout can be very different though so everyone can choose the best option for themselves, for example, there can be hidden compartments for jewelry or a weapon obviously the illumis save can be used as a lamp that is to illuminate the space around the house the lamp also works in conjunction with a mobile application so you can open it or close it remotely it also notifies the owner if anybody opens the drawer the finishing materials are selected before ordering to ensure that the illuminate fits harmoniously into the interior the starting price for this lamp is 80.

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many children start to dream of having their own pets from an early age usually that means wanting parrots hamsters cats and dogs but what if a child loves dinosaurs the Chinese brand wow we has the perfect solution a robotic pet that looks like a little t-rex the toy is interactive and will provide hours of fun to both children and adults the micro saw reacts to hand movements in the same way as real trained animals react to commands it can turn spin and perform some other basic commands pull the dinosaur’s tail and it will growl turn around and try to catch your hand there’s a special ball that the microstore can chase too also it can be controlled using a mobile app it’s packed with a variety of games for the toy to bring even more fun and pleasure its price is150 dollars.

Anki Cozmo

anki cosmo today’s market offers a huge variety of robotic pets however cosmo by Anki is a new generation companion robot the miniature gadget can express different emotions react to people and changes in the environment and very quickly become a friend to every member of the family the first time you meet cosmo it’ll be shy but then it will remember your face name and become friendlier cosmo will travel around the house carefully avoiding obstacles it will bark at the dog say hello to the owners and even answer simple questions with the mobile app cosmo can reproduce any phrases and sounds and show a variety of emotions on its digital face this is a perfect device for creative people the 900 animations and 2500 sounds will allow you to play endlessly but that’s not all cosmo is an educational robot it comes with a visual coding application too the child can get the robot to perform even complex commands along the way the kid will get acquainted with the basics of coding the minimum price is four hundred Dollars.


ozobot speaking of learning it is worth noting that there are other similar robots like ozobot it can easily turn an ordinary table into a platform for exciting educational games you’ll only need some paper some markers and some resourcefulness ozobot has photo sensors that allow it to follow drawn lines it also memorizes and carries out various algorithms which the child creates by means of visual programming its price starts at 99 dollars.

Robosen T9

roboson t9 the next toy we’re going to talk about today will be especially appealing to fans of transformers it’s a small robot that can turn into a car and back and uses coding for games although in this case, the process is a little different from other toys we’ve mentioned today for example with the t9 you can teach a child how to exercise properly because the robot paired with the mobile application is able to memorize the positions of its body and then repeat them independently all the operator has to do is put the robot in the desired position and then push the save button it is possible to repeat the operation up to12 times after pressing the start button the robot will playback all the safe positions one by one the c9 is able to walk do push-ups dance and perform any other commands among other things you can also control it with your voice or use a 3d coding app its price is 500.


vortex you will hardly be surprised when we say that the next robot on our list can teach kids visual programming however vortex can do much more than that and will amuse even adults of course vortex comes to the mobile app it comes with some basic games but the most interesting feature of the toy is that its open-source this means that users can create their own games if we talk about the basic games the first one is an improvised battle between two robots the second game works with motion tracking and will please young children a special sticker is attached to the robot’s body and the kid’s task is to catch the robot in ar using the tablet finally the third game is designed for mini-golf fans it’s noteworthy that the manufacturer trained vortex not to crash into objects as well as reproduce light and sound effects the minimum price is 69 dollars.

Shifu Tacto

Shifu tacto here’s an amazing toy that takes board games to a whole new level one single tactile platform from Shifu offers you four ways to play in laser mode the player has to move obstacles to divert laser beams away from the planet it is easy only at first glance because the manufacturer has provided over 50 levels the quest mode improves attention to detail logical thinking and problem-solving skills elements will introduce the child to the basics of chemistry chemical reactions molecules and structural formulas and finally the bounce mode is a classic fascinating snakes and ladders board game with tokens and dice.

Moov Mini

move mini the inventors of this tiny device experts at the company cando toys claim that it’s a new generation fidget toy which is easily comparable in popularity with the famous fidget spinner do you know why people love this kind of toys in the first place well the fact is that we unknowingly perform monotonous and repetitive movements when we’re bored or anxious the fidget toy helps in both cases so the move mini will help keep your hand’s busy help you overcome boredom and at the same time lower your body’s stress hormone levels if you give this toy to your child it will help them develop their fine motor skills and strengthen some of their arm muscles it’s noteworthy that there are scientific studies that confirm people understand information better when their hands are busy this is another advantage of fidget toys move mini is small so you can take it with you wherever you want it’s very simple to play with and intuitive and its price is ten dollars.

Baby Yoda

Baby Yoda remember last year when baby Yoda went viral of course some bran didn’t miss the opportunity to please the fans of the star wars franchise with an original toy one of them was Hasbro the small toy is an exact copy of the character from the series the Mandalorian the toy even makes the same sounds as in the show baby Yoda is able to move his head ears close and open his eyes and also use the force the child closes his eyes and sighs in a distinctive fashion however it also makes him tired but that’s not a problem when he put the creature on his back he falls asleep and restores his energy reserves baby Yoda is suitable for children over four years old and it costs 60 dollars.

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Virutex Satinadora ST62

viritech saturnadora st-62 when you need to remove a layer of paint varnish or rust from any surface it’s hard to imagine a more effective tool than a brush sander and you’re seeing one right now on your screen this is the Saturn Adora st62 manufactured by the Spanish company viritex the machine’s idle speed ranges from1000 to 4000 rpm the high power combined with increased productivity expands the functionality of the tool the satin Adora st62 can also be used for sanding smoothing or texturing the surface you have to change the brush head before working but the procedure is simple and fast the engine’s durability is ensured by a special system that protects it from dust, in addition, the sander takes comfort and safety to a new level thanks to its integrated dust extraction system you can buy the Saturn Adora st62 for a minimum price of 220 dollars.

Bora PM-4500 Speedhorse

pm 4500-speed horse professionals in the repair and construction industry sometimes have to work in the most unexpected conditions, unfortunately, this means that the space around them is not always arranged so that they can work quickly and efficiently, fortunately, the American company bora porter mate offered a solution to this problem the pm 4500-speed horse is a lightweight portable workstation perfect for all kinds of woodworking tasks it can be installed in seconds once installed it takes up almost no space the station’s made up of several elements amazingly each of them can withstand a weight load of up to 680 kilograms that’s about 90 kilograms more than other similar units the minimum price is 89 dollars.

Steel Clamping Squares

steel clamping squares people that manufacture wooden furniture and similar constructions know of an unpleasant drawback you quickly realize that one pair of hands just isn’t enough you need at least one more pair to hold all the details in place while you join them all together but what if there’s no one around in that case you should buy this useful tool from the American company woodpeckers it’s a set of steel triangles designed to fix wooden pieces note that one corner of the triangle is a right angle so it’s exactly 90 degrees the design was not chosen by chance either after all this angle is responsible for the shape of the furniture it’s placed between the two details and allows to arrange them evenly perpendicularly to each other any standard carpentry clamps can be used to secure the triangles thus the procedure of assembling furniture and its parts is significantly accelerated and can be performed by only one person instead of two the manufacturer highlights the precision of the tool it’s manufactured to the highest standards in other words the angle is guaranteed to be 90 degrees triangles are available in three sizes ranging from eight to twenty three centimeters one set of four pieces costs 55 65 or 75 dollars depending on their size.

Wood Magnet

wood magnet it is no secret that the most important thing in construction is precision not only the look of the structure but also its reliability and durability all depend on how accurately the measurements the calculations and installation are performed a wood magnet is a gadget from the American company’s Swanson tool designed to speed up the work with wooden structures it provides smooth surfaces freeing workers from worries and from wasting valuable time in simpler terms the wood magnet is a construction level with an unusual form, in fact, it is a clamp that’s easily fixed to a wooden piece with one movement note that there are vials located on all sides, therefore, it doesn’t matter exactly where and how the wood magnet is fixed you’ll easily read the vial anyway thanks to its universal design the wood magnet is able to replace a whole set of different levels and its price is only twelve dollars.

Speed Slot Hole Saw

speed slot hole saw the next tool is a hole saw attachment it’s used to create round holes in wood, in fact, the hole saws are not new however this particular tool is on our list because specialists from the American company Lenox have figured out how to make hole saws more efficient the metal cylinder on the side has an unusual shape it was designed to facilitate and speed up the removal of the material being cut secondly the speed slot hole saw will last 50 longer than other saws and thirdly the extra-large teeth allow to take out more wood than before with every rotation the price starts at 25 dollars.

Armor Auto-Jig

armor auto jig connecting wooden parts to each other can be challenging even for experienced carpenters and even if there are no particular problems you have to spend time on all kinds of calculations to do the right job auto jig from the American company armor tool is another piece of equipment designed to accelerate construction work its surprising design allows the master to save time on calculations because the tool carries out all necessary adjustments independently with auto jig the whole working process is reduced to a couple of short simple steps the workpiece fits inside the tool and locks in two places and that’s basically it in two quick movements the drilling depth is set and the required drill length is selected all that’s left is to slip the working drill into a special opening and create the perfect hole to connect several workpieces in just a few seconds this tool can be purchased for140 dollars.

Bosch Easy CurvSander 12

bosch easy curve sander 12. here’s another sanding machine in this case with a really uncommon design it was developed especially for complex projects to process uneven and curved surfaces the easy curve sander 12 has three moving discs each with a diameter of 38 millimeters thanks to them the tool adapts to the shape of the surface ensuring perfect results even in places that initially seem difficult the machine can be used to work with hard and softwood it’s perfect for painted surfaces metal and leather the manufacturer has achieved this versatility through the use of interchangeable attachments and a speed adjustment of 800 to 1800 rpm the price is 94 dollars.

Lamello Invis Mx2

lamello invis mx2 today’s last professional equipment allows you to connect wooden parts in a unique way the result is an invisible connection as if the wood were glued instead of drilled and at the same time the connection shows amazing durability as if screws were used the invis mx2 from swiss company lamello is a new generation of invisible magnetic connectors it may seem like magic but the working principle is in fact very simple first the connectors are mounted into the wood and the workpieces are attached to each other than the mini-mag mx2 starts to work outside the structure its rotating magnetic field forces the metal parts inside the connection to move bonding them tightly together.

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Canyon ivy wreck for many years you needed a tripod or a special stick to make a cool dynamic selfie luckily things have changed now today all you have to do is buy this unusual camera the canon ivy rack it has really tiny dimensions and fits even in your chest pocket at the same time it’s a sturdy waterproof 13-megapixel camera it shoots high-resolution video at 60 frames per second thanks to the carabiner the iv wreck can be clipped anywhere on clothing or different objects the price starts at eighty dollars.

Banana Phone

banana phone the next invention on our list is perfect for people who like to amaze everyone around them and also for those who care about animals the banana phone is a Bluetooth accessory for a smartphone its purpose is quite basic when you take a call you don’t bring the phone to your ear instead you talk through this nice bright yellow banana the battery provides 120 hours of idle time and 20 hours of talk time the banana phone can also function as a Bluetooth speaker also you can use it to give commands to the voice assistant the price of the device is forty dollars it’s noteworthy that two percent of all revenue goes to gorilla conservation in the democratic republic of the Congo.

FunKey S

funk’s if you’re a 90s kid you’ll probably find this gadget very familiar because you are looking at the famous game boy except this model is compact more perfect and technologically advanced the fun keys is the world’s smallest game console you can carry it around as a key ring even the device is compatible with over 20 popular retro games but the list is growing day by day in the past you had to buy individual game boy cartridges and then carry them around with you to play the progress made it possible to change this all games are already stored inside the fun key s so you don’t have to buy or insert anything by the way this folding design was not chosen by chance either when closed the device is very sturdy and the fragile screen is hidden and protected from damage at the same time when the screen is open the usable area of the device increases so it’s very convenient to play the last advantage of the fun key s is its ability to save progress even if the lid was accidentally closed if the battery dies or if the device is turned off the price starts at 77.


Haps box if you think you’ve seen every musical instrument there is and nothing can surprise you you’re very much mistaken because just a few months ago specialists from Hong Kong created a revolutionary brand new way to create music pap’s box was developed by a group of professional musicians and enthusiasts together they managed to create a gadget that would be interesting for both beginners and professional musicians pap’s box contains a rich collection of sounds and harmonies created by traditional music instruments so this device gives it’s own a truly unlimited possibility the manufacturer claims that haps box does not look like a Launchpad or other similar device its design is simpler more convenient and it doesn’t require serious preliminary training its price is 450 dollars.

CircuitMess STEM Box

Circuit mess stem box the developers of this curious invention raised a very very interesting question despite the fact that technologies are developing incredibly quickly today a rather limited number of people have access to learning tools and ways to develop them circuit mess stem box is here to change that it’s a project aimed at teaching the basics of new technologies and maybe the starting point for even more progressive inventors new projects become available every three months but the moments we know about the content of the first six kits the lucky owner of the stem box will be able to assemble a voice assistant a Dj mix table and an ai the self-driving car using the details from the diy box other projects include assembling a console for retro games an encrypted wireless communicator and a smartwatch the cost of one box plus a set of tools starts at 89 dollars.

Gazer Projector

gazer projector here is a tiny but technologically advanced and user-friendly projector unlike traditional devices the gazer projector doesn’t require a long and laborious installation you won’t have to screw it to the wall or the ceiling the projector has a special stand and can be easily moved from place to place also it has a 360-degree rotatable design and features 240-inch widescreen protection the battery lasts up to 5 hours and the projector supports 2k and 4k quality like the most expensive TVs the price starts at 160 dollars.

Mutrics GB-30

mutrix gb30 these glasses have a number of interesting features besides their unusual appearance, first of all, it should be noted that they were designed to meet the needs and requirements of gamers the mutrix gb30s are built-in speakers that transmit the sound and the direction it comes from with great accuracy that is why these glasses are perfect for shooters since they allow you to notice your opponents faster and shoot at them more accurately another feature is the clever positioning of the speakers the sound is transmitted directly to the player’s ears and the people around them can’t hear a thing the mutrix gb30 prevents eye fatigue to thanks to its special coating in addition manufacturers offer lenses that turn the mutrix gb30 glasses into sunglasses the minimum price is 110 dollars.


bowman the next amazing item on our list today is a desk toy it’s a tiny crossbow that uses toothpicks instead of arrows it’s made by uncommon carry bowman will not be of any practical use but it will chew you up for a while the series includes several models and their prices range from 25 to 80 some of them are even equipped with a laser sight.


fly nova now that we’re talking about desk toys it’s time to show you another curious invention fly nova is an improved version of the famous spinner fidget that some people love and others hate it’ll give its owner a lot more pleasure though because it can fly yeah it really can you can spin the flying over in your fingers but if you throw it in the air it doesn’t fall down but hovers so that you can catch it again thus the flying over is suitable for playing with friends and can be used to add some physical activity to your life catching the spinner when it’s up in the air is much harder than it looks at first sight if you try to do it without stopping it from spinning it becomes even harder you can buy the flying over for 30 dollars.


mesmo globe this is the last gadget on our list today it’s another desk toy this time it’s a kinetic toy the Mesmer globe will not fly away or rise in the air but is capable of mesmerizing you the surface of the metal ball is decorated with a long continuous spiral if you spin the toy it sets in motion and begins to hypnotize you it’s very very difficult to set your eyes off it too this effect feels even better if you look at it live and not on the screen the Mesmer glow balls have a shiny surface and a number of colors that imitate different noble metals the Mesmer globe can be a great gift or a great accessory to decorate your desktop the price starts at 28 dollars hey stop being lazy it’s time to use that brain of yours welcome to brain time incredible facts from the past the present and even the future the power of nature and wild animals.

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