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Ingenious Home Security Ideas

Phone Jack Secret Compartment

the secret outlet we all like to know that our personal objects especially our money small valuables and documents are all safe in most houses you can find several places to store important little things but none of them come close to this solution in terms of reliability and security it is a tiny safe hidden in the wall behind a regular outlet we’re pretty sure that there’s no way an intruder would guess that it’s actually a safe though a large number of specialized companies such as arcas olleh from Spain manufacture these safes however if you have the right skills and tools you can build one all by yourself, in this case, there’s only one compartment but usually, that’s way more than enough the telephone jack is secured to the wall and you can open it with a little swiss army knife.

Yobi B3 Doorbell

the yobi b3 doorbell the next invention on our list will not keep your jewelry or your documents safe but it will still take home safety to a new level meet the yobe b3 doorbell from the American company ibabylabs this smart device transmits a 1080p image to the owner’s smartphone in real-time the camera has a 180 degree viewing angle night vision mode and is equipped with a tiny speaker and a motion detector the owner of the yobe b3 always knows if someone is on their doorstep even if the user is in a completely different location they will be notified also the companion app allows you to communicate with the person standing at the entrance an additional advantage is the quick easy installation the price starts at 150 dollars.


switch it the Canadian company Swidget wanted to create an easy-to-use device that would combine as many useful features as possible all in order to free people from having to clutter up the apartment with a lot of equipment the result is this outlet it can be installed instead in any standard outlet and connected to your home’s existing wiring once installed it performs different tasks to improve the safety of your house the upper and lower parts perform their usual tasks but in the middle there is a plug-in module which can have different functions it can be a hidden camera a speaker a surveillance camera an aromatherapy module a motion sensor a guide light a temperature and humidity monitor and even a carbon monoxide detector and of course you can charge other gadgets if you install a USB port inside the device is controlled through the app or using the smart home system an outlet with a USB module cost about thirty dollars other modules are bought separately and their price varies from eleven to fifty dollars.


smoke net, unfortunately, the security of their personal objects is not modern people’s only problem cybersecurity is also a very important issue, fortunately, there are devices aimed to help you feel safe to meet smoke net this is a tiny box that connects to your home’s wi-fi it encrypts data and also constantly changes the network location creating something like a digital smokescreen hence the name smoker net will protect you against cyber-attacks because it uses the same encryption method that the government uses to transfer sensitive information and this is the first time that this level of security has been offered to the public.

Kwikset Halo

Kwikset Halo when we are in a rush we often have problems finding our keys that’s why many people think that there should be a better way to enter and leave the house turns out it already exists this is the halo door lock from the American brand Kwikset the first advantage is there are no wires at all the device only needs wi-fi to work the second is that you won’t need a key to open the door anymore just use the app on your smartphone unlike keys a phone is harder to lose and is always at hand halo allows you to close and open the door remotely and stop worrying about your keys all the time you’ll no longer be nervous wondering if you’ve left the door unlocked because you can check the door status in the app halo also keeps a history of all door actions and supports up to 250 users all with individual settings, in addition, there’s a special function for really forgetful people the door locks independently after a certain period of time the price is about 130 dollars.

Garage Border Control

garage border control since we’re talking about forgetful people we’d like to mention another useful device as you can guess from the name it’s designed to increase the level of security in the garage the device continuously monitors the door and commands the garage door to close if it’s been opened for too long you can also set the time after which the garage door will be closed remarkably the system is absolutely safe it’s equipped with infrared sensors as well as pressure sensors the controller won’t close the door if there’s a movement under it either and even if the mechanism is started the door will stop immediately after hitting an obstacle in any case before closing the door the device emits a warning sound you can buy this device for thirty dollars.

Inirv React

Inirv React negligence in the kitchen can easily lead to serious and even fatal consequences that’s why a nerve specialist created this tiny but very helpful device called a nerve reacts the sensor unit is installed in the ceiling while the smart knobs are installed in the stove no matter what model you have after that they continuously monitor the situation around them and react before it’s too late the unique combination of smart sensors and electronics makes it possible to significantly improve the safety of your kitchen if the system detects smoke or gas in the air it switches off the stove instantly this is a useful feature for those who often put food on the stove and then get distracted and busy with something else an additional advantage are the motion detectors thanks to them the nerve react can turn off the stove if no one is near for too long the price starts at 230 dollars.


illumi safe the last invention we’ll talk about today is another device to hide different objects specialists from the American company odon inc have developed a table lamp with hidden compartments for valuable items it’s available in two sizes large and small the inside layout can be very different though so everyone can choose the best option for themselves, for example, there can be hidden compartments for jewelry or a weapon obviously the illumis save can be used as a lamp that is to illuminate the space around the house the lamp also works in conjunction with a mobile application so you can open it or close it remotely it also notifies the owner if anybody opens the drawer the finishing materials are selected before ordering to ensure that the illuminate fits harmoniously into the interior the starting price for this lamp is 80.

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