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The 10 deadly sins in terms of household Of Cats

The 10 deadly sins in terms of household
Pivot window? Hot plate on? A popular but dangerous place for cats to sleep: the washing machine. There are many dangers lurking at home for our cats, so it is important to be especially attentive and careful in some points.
safety first, especially in the cat household! Road traffic is still the greatest source of danger for outdoor cats – but there are also many dangers lurking in the home for pure indoor cats. What you should pay special attention to in order to avoid accidents at home, you can find here:
1 washing cycle with fatal consequences
Washing machines are perfect dens in the eyes of our cats, where they can hide wonderfully or take a nap. Before you lock the door, make sure that the drum is cat-free.

2 hot plate and iron – bad burns are imminent
Hotplates, irons, and other household appliances that generate heat and heat should never be left unattended. Quickly the cat will jump on the ironing board, quickly this can lead to burns on the paws.

3 Watch out for decoration
The decoration is nice, but unfortunately for most cats also disturbing. Often vases are in the way while romping, sometimes they invite cats to paw them on the floor. Broken glass can lead to nasty cuts in the cat.

4 Tilted windows become a trap
The bottom hung window is a mean trap for our cats. Especially in the warm season, we like to open the windows to let some fresh air in. Sometimes we just tilt it. Cats are curious and sometimes they cannot suppress their desire for freedom. The attempt to get outside through the tilted window often ends deadly. Special bars can prevent this.

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