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The Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

A dog – no matter what breed – needs a good upbringing, only in this way he can grow up to a loyal friend, helper, and protector. There are still, however, breeds that can become dangerous to humans. Such dogs should only be kept by experienced dog owners, people with a strong character, who have enough time to devote to their education. In this article, the 10 breeds are presented, which can become dangerous to humans, if they are not kept and educated in a species-appropriate way.

1. the American Pit Bull Terrier. This breed knows no fear. If they feel threatened, they attack immediately. There are many cases where a Pit Bull has attacked its own family.

This breed was bred for dog fighting and hunting bears and bulls. However, if the owner knows how to train such a dog properly, a Pit Bull can be a reliable guard dog, family protector, and friend.

2. rottweiler. The representatives of this breed are used as police and guard dogs. With the right training, these dogs are not dangerous. In the wrong hands, however, Rottweilers are aggressive and dangerous for adults and children. If this dog attacks, it can end deadly under certain circumstances.


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